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The decision to welcome a child into your family is made from the heart. But adoption can be a complex process, with unexpected issues, details and questions. We’re here to help you to understand and use the law for a smooth transition, and for the legal security of your parental rights. After discussing your goals and circumstances, we can determine whether your needs will be better served by an adoption attorney or by an adoption agency.



If you are adopting a child that you’ve already identified, or if  you have already taken care of some of the steps of the process, choosing our law firm to assist with terminating parental rights and finalizing the adoption may be the most efficient way to complete the process.
Final steps include the Home Study assessment; termination of the parental rights of the birth parents; and finalization of adoption for the adoptive parents.

Legal assistance may also be needed for specific circumstances, such as interstate, international, intermediary, special-needs, second parent, relative, stepparent and same-sex adoptions, as well as complex, appealed or contested cases. 


Choosing An Adoption Agency

An adoption agency may be the best choice for adoptive parents who are just beginning the adoption process. Our sister adoption agency, Heart of Adoptions, Inc., is a fully-licensed child placing agency that was launched in 2001 by  Jeanne Tate. The agency will help match adoptive parents with a child, will conduct the home study and advise and consult every step of the way throughout the entire process.