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With all the complexities of adoption law, you’ll feel supported with one of Florida’s top adoption law firms on your side. 

The law offices of Jeanne T. Tate, P.A. focus on providing comprehensive, individual, and affordable legal services to adoptive parents, adoption agencies, and birth parents in a professional and supportive environment, including international, domestic, special-needs, contested, appeals, interstate, second parent, stepparent, relative, and minority adoptions.

Adoption law is complicated and challenging and requires the dedication of an experienced legal staff. Unlike other family law firms that practice law in a variety of areas, attorneys at Jeanne T. Tate, P.A. focus solely on the practice of adoption and surrogacy.

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For Adoptive Parents

The decision to welcome a child into your family is made from the heart. But adoption can be a complex process, with unexpected issues, details and questions. We’re here to help you to understand and use the law for a smooth transition, and for the legal security of your parental rights.

For Adoption Agencies

When special circumstances or legal issues complicate the adoption process, we’re here to help you help your clients. We deal every day with special needs adoptions, same sex adoptions, relative adoptions, stepparent adoptions, international adoptions, interstate adoptions, and intermediary adoptions, as well as complex, appealed and contested cases. 


For Birth Parents

Though you may not be ready to be a parent yourself, we can help ensure that your child is raised in a secure and loving home. We’ll explain the options and legal rights you have regarding the adoption process, the choice of adoptive parents, and long-term contact with your child.

For Referring Attorneys

Law firms not licensed in Florida, as well many who are, regularly refer cases to our firm to ensure the very best counsel and representation for their clients. We offer specialized adoption and litigation expertise, especially in complex or contested cases, yet welcome your input or your role as co-counsel.


For Surrogacy

Surrogacy offers new hope when fertility efforts disappoint. For both hopeful parents and the surrogates who fulfill that hope, there are a number of medical options, each with their own legal implications. We’ll help clarify the choices and guide you through the next steps, so you’ll feel confident moving forward. 


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