The Abortion Alternative

I could never give my child up for adoption. They may hate me.

Have you felt like this?

Many birth mothers do, but there is no empirical data to support these sentiments.

Abortion is not in the best interest of any child, much less your child.

Your baby is NOT unwanted.

Maybe you are not in a position to raise a child.

You may:

  • be a single mother
  • not be mentally prepared to raise this child
  • be married and not want to raise another child
  • be financially unable to raise this child
  • still be in school or have other major obligations
  • be a minor living with your parents
  • know that your unborn child has physical or other problems
  • or have one of hundreds of other reasons.

Consider this:  There are 200,000 couples who desperately DO want a baby!  And each year, there are only 25,000 babies to adopt.
All families are highly screened and must have an approved home study. You can choose the adoptive couple and meet them personally.
You are able to receive support and counseling, if you desire, and your baby can have a childhood full of love, security, and hope.

Adoption is a brave and selfless act.

If you have questions about adoption vs. abortion, please contact Tate Healey Webster  ([email protected] or 813.258.3355).  The attorneys at Tate Healey Webster have focused their practice on adoption law for a combined total of over 120 years and have helped complete adoptions for thousands of pregnant birth mothers.