Moore to Love: An Adoption Podcast

Searching for Chapter 1: An Adoptee’s Story

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Adopted as an infant, Cara had a wonderful upbringing with two amazing parents who adored her. As she grew into a successful young adult, she began reflecting on the story of her life and began to wonder about how it all began. Supportive in her search for her biological parents, her adoptive parents gave her the information she needed to start the journey of finding her truth.

Listen as Cara tells her story of being an adult adoptee and how her path led her to discover her Chapter One.

Cara’s strength and determination show there is always Moore to Love in this brand new episode!

A Special Note: We want to send a HUGE Thank You to Cara for sharing her amazing story with all of us.

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More about Podcast Host, Nicole Moore:

Nicole Ward Moore is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney who manages and operates the Orlando office. Nicole has been practicing with the firm since opening the Orlando office in 2005. Nicole practices exclusively in the area of adoption law throughout the State of Florida and in conjunction with out-of-state placements. Nicole also represents adoptive parents in adoption finalizations and represents several adoption agencies in private adoption placements. She also handles domestic adoptions, DCF Interventions, relative adoptions, stepparent adoptions, adult adoptions, and recertifications of foreign adoptions.

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