Scholarships For Children in Foster Care or in Out-of-Home Care

Step Up For Students has scholarships for children in foster care or in out-of-home care.

You can call  877-735-7837 or click here  for full details, but here are the high points:

Students who may qualify

A student who is/was placed at any time in foster care or out-of-home care during the current OR previous state fiscal year may be eligible (The state fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.)

  • A child in foster care is defined by the following:
  • A child in out-of-home care placement is defined by the following:
  • “Foster care” means care provided a child in a foster family or boarding home, group home, agency boarding home, child care institution, or any combination thereof, as defined by s. 39.01(29).
  • “Out-of-home” means a placement outside of the home of the parents or a parent, as defined by s. 39.01(48).
  • “Out-of-Home Care” means the placement of a child in licensed and non-licensed settings, arranged and supervised by the department or contracted service provider, outside of the home of the parent, as defined byDCF Rule: 65C-30.001 Definitions. (91).

Longevity of scholarship

  • A student who initially receives a scholarship based on eligibility due to placement in foster or out-of-home care remains eligible until the student graduates from high school or attains the age of 21 years, whichever occurs first. (Once in, always in.)
  • In cases such as reunification or adoption, etc., the child may maintain the scholarship regardless of the household income level.