What is the Process for an Adoption Search & Reunion?

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What is the Process for an Adoption Search & Reunion?

Erica’s Answer: Did you know that part of our practice includes Search and Reunions? An adult adoptee, or birth parent, will hire us to file a Petition to unseal their adoption records. It is highly discretionary for the court. We will then reach out to the birth parent or adoptee and ask that party if they would like contact.

DNA testing is revolutionizing the search and reunion process. When adult adoptees or birth parents hire Jeanne T. Tate, P.A., to help unseal adoption records (once the adoptee is 18), often the first place we recommend is a DNA testing site. If that path does not yield results, they hire our law firm to act as an intermediary. We request court approval to access the original file, and reach out to the birth family on our client’s behalf to see if they will authorize the disclosure of their identifying information, too.

We see and experience so many amazing search and reunion stories. A recent story featured on the Today Show uncovers a daughter who found her birth mom after 50 years! Not only were the two reunited, but the daughter realized her mother starred in a popular sitcom that she used to watch as a child. You can read the article here.

We love search and reunion stories and are honored to help our clients in this process. Would you like to learn more about this process and how we can help you on your journey? Click the button below to contact me for more information.