What is Considered a Relative Adoption in the State of Florida?

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At Jeanne T. Tate P.A. we get several questions a day about all facets of adoption. We love each and every question asked because educating others about adoption in Florida is the very heartbeat of our practice. We understand the adoption journey can be overwhelming, but we are here to serve as guides to navigate you seamlessly through the process.

Board Certified Adoption Attorney Martha Curtis is no stranger to relative adoption. She’s been handling these cases for over 30 years. Below, Martha addresses one of the most common questions asked by clients who are interested in adopting family members.

Question: What is considered a relative adoption?

Martha Curtis: Florida’s adoption statute for private adoption defines a relative as someone related to the child within the third degree of consanguinity. For example, a grandparent is a second-degree relative, as is a sibling (yes, an adult sibling can adopt his/her sibling). A great grandparent, aunt, and uncle are third-degree relatives. All of these relatives could complete a “relative adoption” of the child under Florida law. In contrast, a great aunt, great uncle, or cousin is a fourth-degree relative, and therefore such a relative’s adoption of the child does not qualify as a relative adoption under the Florida Adoption Act.

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