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Minority Adoption

Minority Adoption

Adoption professionals are often looking for adoptive parents interested in adopting special needs and minority children. Adoption professionals also often search for minority and interracial families interested in adoption since birth parents may request an adoptive family of the same race, or an interracial couple, for their child. Adoption professionals also reach out to each other when they have a birth mother who is in search of her “dream family” and they do not have a sufficient number of families to present to her for consideration. Additionally, there are no restrictions on transracial adoption and many birth parents are open to placing their child with a family of a different race. If you are considering a transracial adoption, there are many educational resources available to you. If you are interested in reading about transracial adoption, books on this topic are available at www.tapestrybooks.com. If you have the facilities and resources to adopt a special needs child, please let us know. We pride ourselves on the ability to place a child with physical, mental or emotional disabilities. There are many blessings that accompany raising a child with special needs. If you would like to speak with other families who adopted special needs children, just ask us! Please also note that subsidies may be available with certain special needs adoptions. In an effort to make adoption of children more affordable for adoptive families, financial assistance may be available through grants and loans, including from the following sources: 

Gift of Adoption

The mission of the Gift of Adoption Fund is to inspire adoption by providing grants to qualified adoptive families – giving children who need families a permanent home and a chance to thrive. Singles and married couples pursuing domestic adoption, or adopting from a Hague-compliant country, may apply for grants from $500 to $7,500.
For more information on the Gift of Adoption Fund, please go to their website at www.giftofadoption.org

St. Frances Fund

Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. provides financial assistance to families who are hindered by the lack of available resources for an adoption. These monies are provided as interest-free loans to adoptive parents. When the adoptive parents file their year-end tax returns, they apply for a tax credit for their qualified adoption expenses. These expenses include, but are not be limited to, adoption fees, court costs, legal fees and travel. When this credit is received with the couple’s tax refund, they repay the agency the original loan. The repaid loan is then used to help other families wanting to adopt so more children benefit.
For more information please contact Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. at www.heartofadoptionsalliance.com or 800.590.1108. 

Please contact Jeanne T. Tate, P.A. (info@jtatelaw.com or 813.258.3355) if you have questions regarding adopting a minority or mixed race child. Jeanne has over 30 years of experience in adoption and we are available to assist you in your efforts to complete your family through adoption.