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Organizations Offering Financial Assistance to Adoptive Families

Using a Personal Loan to Finance Adoption Expenses The cost of adoption can be quite expensive and for some families, too expensive to afford all up front. Due to this, we wanted to create an article that would inform families hoping to adopt a child on ways they can finance this cost in order fulfill their dream of becoming parents. https://lendedu.com/blog/using-personal-loans-for-adoption-financing

Extend Your Tent Stephen and Melissa started a new ministry, Extend Your Tent. which officially launched in 2018 after working on it  for over a year. The mission is to provide financial, informational and spiritual resources to Christian families interested in adoption.  They do this through social media and also church classes for those interested in adoption. They plan to provide prospective families with information on different agencies, attorneys, and consultants.  We know in this world of information overload it can be cumbersome as adoptive families start their "what next" search. https://www.extendyourtent.org

The Orphan Foundation
The Orphan Foundation provides financial support and information to adopting families, as well as services to institutionalized orphans around the world. They currently provide grants of $1,250 to families who have successfully completed their homestudy, and who can demonstrate to the foundation's Board of Directors that a grant will make the pivotal difference in families ability to adopt a child.
Visit http://www.theorphanfoundation.org for more information.

Affording Adoption Foundation
The Affording Adoption Foundation raises money and makes grants to Adoptive Parents in financial need at the completion phase of the adoption process. Visit http://www.affordingadoption.com for more information.

A Brother's Love
A Brother’s Love is dedicated to helping Christian families overcome the financial barriers associated with international adoption.
Visit A Brother's Love Adoption Grant Fund or email abrotherslove@gmail.com for more information.

Help Us Adopt
Helpusadopt.org a national non-profit 501(c)(3) financial assistance grant program providing qualified couples and individuals - regardless of race, ethnicity, marital status, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability - with grants of up to $15,000 towards their domestic, international, foster, or special needs adoption expenses. Visit Helpusadopt.org for more information.

Grant for Adoption or Fertility Treatment
Tinina Q. Cade Foundation (TQCF) is a nonprofit organization that serves the needs of families battling infertility. Please visit the Cade Foundation's grant page for more information about grants which provide up to $10,000 per family for adoption or fertility treatment. Grants are awarded twice per year and the number of applications funded as well as the amount of funding depends on the success of the Cade Foundation’s fundraising activities (i.e. the more we raise, the more we can give away). To date, 46 families have been funded.
For more information please visit www.cadefoundation.org.

Jaya Laxmi Co.
Jaya Laxmi Co. is a fundraising organization that works to raise funds for people wanting to adopt. There are no up-front fees and they only accept prospective adoptive parents who have already passed a Home Study, and have affiliated with a legitimate Adoption Entity.
Visit www.jayalaxmi.net for more information.

Resources4Adoption is a comprehensive source for aspiring adoptive families. It is designed based on real experience, research and interviews to remove financial barriers so loving families’ adoptive dreams can come true! Visit www.resources4adoption.com for more information.

Gift of Adoption Fund
This nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation provides grants to adoptive parents in order to alleviate the financial burden of the adoption process. Its singular mission is to support adoption by providing funding to build bridges of hope for children and their families. Visit their website at www.giftofadoption.org for more information or call 877-905-2367 or E-mail: info@giftofadoption.org.

National Adoption Foundation (NAF)
NAF provides adoption assistance for prospective or adoptive parents by proving financial support, information and services and specializes in helping adoptive parents with the costs associated with adopting and raising a child. They provide grants and loans to help fund legal or adoption fees, educational expenses, or the day-to-day costs of raising a family. Visit their website at www.nafadopt.org or call 800-258-4207 for more information.

The National Adoption Foundation, in conjunction with a leading national banking institution, is now pleased to bring to the adoption community an innovative financial loan program tailored to the needs of our community. This program is set up to provide anyone looking to adopt with the necessary financial resources to complete their adoption. Go to our site www.fundyouradoption.org  for more details. Brief highlights of this loan program are as follows: 

  • Provides unsecured loans

  • In amounts range from $5,000 to $50,000

  • At competitive interest rates

  • With quick turnaround – most within 48 hours

Most importantly, the program is set up to lend to all credit worthy borrowers by finding a loan level appropriate to their income level and credit scores.  The goal being not to turn away credit worthy borrowers.  

So, for example, should someone apply for, but not qualify for their initial requested $50,000 loan, they will not be rejected outright. Instead, the bank’s loan program will attempt to find a lesser amount more appropriate for them.    This loan program will be beneficial to the entire adoptive community. Without question, by providing borrowers with the needed financial resources a greater number of adoptions can be completed successfully. 

Fifth Third Bank—Naples, Florida
There is a new financing program offered by Fifth Third Bank in Naples, Florida, which is meant to help families more easily afford adoption. The program offers families who are looking to adopt a home equity credit line or installment loan to help cover their expenses. Adoptive parents can be approved for a credit line that will allow them to borrow up to 100 percent of the value of their home, minus the amount of their mortgage. Payments need only be made on the money used, and there is an option of making interest- only payments. Checks are issued along with a MasterCard that enable the borrower to access their credit whenever needed, and one can take up to 20 years to pay back the principal amount. Please call them at 239-530-1460 for more information.

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)
How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option, is an all-around guide to the financial aspects of adoption.
Visit their web site at:http://nefe.org/tabid/193/Default.aspx?search=adoption

A Child Waits Foundation
A Child Waits Foundation makes low interest loans to cover a portion of the costs associated with an international adoption.
Please call 866-999-2445 or visit their website at www.achildwaits.org.

Military Subsidies
If you are an active-duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States, you may be eligible for a $2,000 per child military subsidy.
Check with your base commander for more information.

Employee Benefit Programs
Many private and governmental employers offer adoption assistance and benefits. These might include financial reimbursement, paid and unpaid leave and resource and referral services. Please inquire with your Human Resources or benefits department.

Family Medical Leave Act
After you adopt, what about job security while staying home with your new child? The Family Medical Leave Act may provide the benefits you need. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is a federal law that requires employers of more than 50 workers to give full-time employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. One must have been employed for at least 12 months and worked at least 1250 hours during the previous 12 months. Your employer may have more generous benefits, but this offers minimum protection.

An Internet service that allows you to pay for adoption expenses and fees with your credit card.
See www.paypal.com.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry
God's Grace Adoption Ministry is a non-profit organization helping adoptive parents overcome the financial burden of adopting children. It is not an adoption agency, but rather works in cooperation with the agency to assist the family with their financial needs. Depending on the individual family needs, financial assistance is available in the form of grants and interest free loans.
Call 209- 572-4539 or visit their website at www.ggam.org.

Show Hope
Working from these foundational truths, Show Hope exists to care for orphans by engaging the church and helping Christian families reduce the financial burden of adoption. These families can provide not only love and support needed for this life, but also provide a child with the knowledge of God’s plan for his or her eternal life with a forever family called The Body of Christ.
For more information, please visit www.shaohannahshope.org.    

Adoption Tax Credits 
As of 2014, the Adoption Tax Credit will be equal to $13,190 for the adoption of a child with special needs. The maximum credit allowed for other adoptions is the amount of qualified adoption expenses up to $13,190. The adoption credit begins to phase out for taxpayers with modified adjusted gross income in excess of $197,880; and is completely phased out for taxpayers with modified adjusted gross income of $237,880 or more. (IRS Rev. Proc. 2013-35)

Lifesong International
Lifesong for Orphans helps Christian families remove the financial roadblock to adoption by offering matching grants, which encourage the adopting couple’s church family to financially and prayerfully support the adoption. They also offer interest-free loans.
Visit their website at: www.lifesongfororphans.org for more information.

Hadassah’s Hope
Hadassah’s Hope is a Christian organization committed to assisting families financially through grants that are completing international adoptions. The grants are provided through the generous donations of families, friends, churches, corporations, and individuals.
Visit their website at www.hadassahshope.org.

First Again
FirstAgain.com provides loans to cover the cost of adoption at low interest rates for families with good credit. The application process is simple and fast. Visit their website at www.FirstAgain.com for more information.

Chase New Additions
Chase has partnered with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to help adoptive families finance adoption. The Chase New Additions program is a home equity line of credit specifically designed to assist prospective adoptive families and offers low rates, generous credit lines, and payment flexibility. For more information visit www.chase.com/NewAdditions or call 1-866-345-7687.

Bank of America
Keith McKinnon, Loan Officer, and Bank of America may be able to help you finance your adoption.
For more information call (813) 367-5669 or email keith.r.mckinnon@bankofamerica.com.

Sacred Selections
Sacred Selections mission is to financially assist Christian couples whose hearts and homes are open to loving and raising a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Sacred Selections is committed to providing the financial means of bringing together the need for and the longing to give love, through the process of adoption. For more information call (916) 770- 0336 or visitwww.sacredselections.org.

Americas Christian CU
ACCU provides financial solutions to individuals and ministries that empower them to reach their financial goals while expanding God's Kingdom. Every dollar entrusted to us gets reinvested to build churches, fund ministry, and serve members. Find out how banking with ACCU supports ministry. www.AmericasChristianCU.com

AdoptTogether "Fundraising Grant"
Check out the AdoptTogether Fundraising grant. Families can create a profile on AdoptTogether's website (all profiles are reviewed for eligibility), and family and friends can donate to your adoption through this tax-deductible organization. Money donated is awarded to adoptive families as a grant. Learn more athttps://www.adopttogether.org/

The Buscher Foundation
The Buescher Foundation was established in 2014 by adoptive parents James and Krishtian Buescher who experienced adoption first hand. The Buescher Foundation is committed to providing the support and resources to families going through the adoption process domestically. Grants are assessed on a quarterly basis each year. 

 Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc. Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc. is a 501c3 private operating foundation formaed in 2007to help children become part of"forever" families. After seeing the high cost of adoption and the many perspective adoptive couples discouraged from adopting because of those costs we felt compelled to do something.  We knew that we didn't have the resources to help people in the way they needed so we chose to enlist the help of both supporters of HANDinHAND and the family and friends of adoptive couples.  We understand that not everyone is called by God to adopt but we are all called to care for the orphan.  We believe we are to fulfill that calling by using our God given resources to financially help those who have been called to adopt.  Our individual resources are limited, but together, each one doing our part, we can make a huge impact in helping children become part of “forever” families. 

Family Formation Charitable Trust
The mission of the American Academy of Adoption Attorney Family Formation Charitable Trust is to provide financial assistance to those individuals and nonprofit organizations seeking to build families through adoption and assisted reproductive technology. The Trust is supported through a variety of fund raising efforts, including personal contributions of Fellows of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys, personal contributions of personal donors, corporate giving, grants, educational programs, and through charitable events.

The Tim Tebow Foundation
From the website: This foundation and all of our outreach initiatives were primarily created to show God’s love to children around the world. http://www.timtebowfoundation.org/

The NEXT Family
Creating a family is expensive, and for same-sex couples even more so, which is why Men Having Babies was formed. They saw that gay male couples or individuals who wanted to have children struggle significantly in terms of raising the finances to have a child. Men Having Babies found that gay men spent over $110K on their parenting journey, so in response they decided to create an organization to support gay men financially toward becoming parents. http://thenextfamily.com/2015/10/men-having-babies-financial-assistance-for-gay-men/

JSC Foundation
JSC Foundation began as a private foundation in the fall of 2000 when one couple realized the financial chasm that must be crossed when families so desperately want to bring an orphan home through adoption. The financial hurdles are often the only obstacle preventing a couple from making that decision to adopt and seeing their dream become a reality. At JSC Foundation, our hope is to assist Christian couples for which the cost of adoption is a hardship. We are pleased to be able to partner with some of these families as they step out in faith by following the call, allowing one more orphan to come home to their forever family!

Cards For A Cause Fundraiser:
Offers boxed sets of 30 beautifully embellished handcrafted cards with matching envelopes to help organizations and individual families reach their fundraising goal. Each box is $30 and the family/organization would receive over 40% in sales to benefit their cause. Literacy for a Lifetime 50% Matching Grant: Offers a 50%  return on donated or raised funds for free books for families/organizations.

Kaleb Kares
Kaleb Kares, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We are dedicated to helping parents who are grieving the tragic loss of a baby due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth,  or newborn death by supporting them during their grieving process.  We are so excited to announce that our adoption funding has begun and we ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!!  If you are interested in applying for funding please email Jill@KalebKares.com and we will send you our application. http://kalebkares.com/adoption/