Birth Mother Rights

What Are My Rights During An Adoption?

Whether you are just starting to explore adoption or are searching for an adoptive family, you have the right to honest answers to your questions and to support and counseling throughout the process. Although ultimately you may be giving up your legal rights to the child, you still are in the driver’s seat as to how you want your adoption to occur. For example, you have the right to choose the adoptive family and be as specific as you want regarding the qualities you wish them to possess. You have the right to ask for pictures and letters to update you on the child’s status for up to 18 years. You have the right to determine how much contact you want with the adoptive family during and after the adoption.

Here are some questions YOU have the right to have answered:

  • Can you give me guidance on how to tell my parents or the baby’s father?
  • What resources are available to me about adoption?
  • How are adoptive families screened?
  • Why should I choose Jeanne T. Tate to handle my adoption?
  • What is an open or semi-open adoption?
  • Can I meet the adoptive parents?
  • If my child is in foster care, can I still choose adoption?
  • If I choose adoption, can I hold the baby at the hospital?
  • Can I select an out-of-state family to adopt my baby?
  • How do I handle friends who are against my adoption plan?
  • Can you set up counseling for me?
  • Are there any costs to me?
  • Can I obtain assistance with my medical expenses?
  • What type of families are available to adopt my child?
  • Can I have the adoptive parents present during my doctor’s appointment? During birth?
  • Can I have contact with the adoptive parents after birth?
  • Can I send a letter to my baby for her baby album?
  • Can I obtain financial assistance for my reasonable living expenses?

If you have questions about adoption, or if you are interested in adoption information, please contact Tate Healey Webster ([email protected] or 813.258.3355). The attorneys at Tate Healey Webster have focused their practice on adoption law for a combined total of over 120 years and have helped complete adoptions for thousands of pregnant birth mothers.