Birth Parents: Become Informed Before Making an Adoption Plan

Making an adoption plan is a brave and courageous decision.  If you are exploring adoption as an option or have made a decision to place your child for adoption you should make sure to become informed about your rights.  An adoption attorney can provide you not only an overview of your options but can also explain your legal rights.  You can reach out to an adoption attorney  by going to and clicking on “find an attorney.” Our firm would be glad to receive your call or text 

A birth parent also has the right to counseling with a licensed social worker in their own community to learn about options and alternatives to adoption before moving forward with any adoption plan.  An adoption attorney, such as Jeanne T. Tate, P.A, can meet with a birth parent to discuss the options and supportive resources at no cost.  Jeanne and her colleagues, Danelle Barksdale, Robert L. Webster, Erica Healey, and Barbara Ginn can advise a birth parent of the laws governing adoption and obtain advocacy for the birth parents’ rights and needs throughout the adoption process.

Once a birth parent has decided adoption is the right choice,  a birth parent has a right to living and medical expenses, ongoing counseling, an attorney, and help to select the family best suited to meet their child’s needs.   Birth parents have the right to meet potential families before making a final decision to give up their child for adoption, and also have the right to plan the type of future relationship they believe is best, documented through a written contract.

The most important part of this process is working with a competent and ethical adoption professional. Questions should be asked about the professional qualifications of the attorney or agency,  their experience with adoption planning,  their educational background, their licensing, and references.  The laws of every State are different, and having an attorney to advocate for the birth parent from the start will ensure the adoption plan they choose will happen and the process will be as smooth and legal as possible.

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption, please contact our attorneys to discuss your options at [email protected] or 800-874-4916.

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