Adoption Entity Required in Florida for Most Adoptions

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Adopting a child is a life-altering experience that will bring immeasurable benefits to you and the child. Before you begin this journey, it is important to understand the laws governing adoption so you stay within legal guardrails. In Florida, it is unlawful for any person other than an Adoption Entity to place or attempt to place a child for adoption. There is an exception if the child is being placed with a close relative or with a stepparent. An Adoption Entity in Florida is a licensed attorney, a licensed adoption or child-caring agency, or the Department of Children and Families. The statute contemplates criminal and possibly civil remedies against the violator of these provisions of Florida law, which are designed to protect adoptive families and children so make sure to hire an experienced, competent adoption professional to help you with this important life journey!

More about Jeanne: Jeanne Tate is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney and the managing partner of Jeanne T. Tate, P.A., with offices in Tampa, Naples, Orlando, and Merritt Island. Jeanne has an extensive and exclusive practice in the area of adoptions and is a member of the prestigious Academy of Adoption and Reproduction Attorneys and the Florida Adoption Council.