What is the Typical Timeframe to Finalize an Adoption in Florida?

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Question: What is the typical timeframe to finalize an adoption in Florida?

Barbara’s Answer: Although the timeframe can vary significantly, six months is a good estimate for the finalization of a voluntary adoption matter in Florida. The circumstances of your case can certainly impact the timeframe for finalization. For example, is the matter bifurcated or unified, is it fully voluntary or is notice required, is a diligent search needed, do you need to publish notice to anyone, is it an Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) matter, are there delays associated with obtaining the birth certificate or putative father registry certification(s), is the matter contested, etc.? Many states, including Florida, have mandated wait periods before an adoption may finalize. In Florida, the mandated wait period is ninety (90) days. 63.122(1), Fla. Stat. While it is possible to finalize in shortly over ninety (90) days, it is prudent to anticipate approximately six months from placement to finalization even in fully voluntary matters.

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