What is a DCF Intervention?

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Question: What is a DCF Intervention?

Rob Webster: Intervention is a process by which a child who has been sheltered by the Department of Children & Families can be adopted privately by prospective adoptive parents of the birth parents’ choosing. In order to effectuate an intervention, the intervenor must file (1) the consent to adoption of at least one parent and (2) an approved adoptive home study. Interventions are highly effective in (1) dramatically reducing the time necessary to adopt the child who has been sheltered, (2) reducing the red tape involved in dealing with state agencies, and (3) eliminating the complications of a having previously unidentified relative come forward to adopt in the 11th hour.

More about Rob: Rob is a board-certified adoption attorney in the firm’s Tampa office whose practice focuses on litigation & appeals arising from contested adoptions and includes the representation of adoption agencies, adoptive parents, and other adoption attorneys in contested adoption proceedings. Rob has filed briefs in each district court of appeal in Florida, the Florida Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court. He also specializes in DCF Interventions, enabling children in the foster care system to be adopted privately.

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